Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Pride Institute at Fort Lauderdale Hospital offers a drug and alcohol rehab extension to our detox program, allowing the individual to continue working on their issues in a deeper, more intense setting after medical stabilization has been achieved. In our gay drug rehab program, the patient will be following an individualized treatment plan where he/she will identify the major issues that they need to focus on.

Patients will have up to three individual sessions with the therapist or intern per week, as well as daily group therapy and psychoeducational groups. In addition, patients in our rehab program are welcome to attend outings to external 12-step meetings accompanied by staff members (once approved by their psychiatrist). The opportunity to attend outside 12-step meetings will assist the patient in continuing to build their community connections, giving them the opportunity to locate a sponsor. The main focus of the rehab program is to familiarize the patient with steps one and two of the traditional 12-step program. Our goal for the patient in Pride Florida Rehab is to help them achieve the serenity of surrender through the relinquishment of personal control.

Our drug and alcohol rehab program participants will be housed with the non-rehab patients in the unit, which will give them the opportunity to continue building peer to peer friendships with those they have been having group with the first two weeks of their hospitalization.

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Treatment Programs
Substance abuse and mental health treatment at Pride Institute is provided in an environment that is highly affirmative to the LGBT community. Mental health treatment services are offered using a cognitive behavioral platform that allows us to help you make changes to both your thoughts and your behaviors.