Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox

At Pride Institute of Florida, we make our patients as comfortable as possible through a safe, medically supervised, drug detox program that will significantly reduce the pain and discomfort of the withdrawal process. Drug and alcohol detox patients are closely observed during detoxification by our treatment team of psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurses, Master’s level therapists, and mental health technicians to ensure medical safety and comfort. Specifically, the treatment team monitors signs and symptoms of withdrawal by looking closely at vital signs, self report from the patient on how and what they are feeling, and indirect visual signs observed by nurses and other staff. All of this information is compiled and reported to the psychiatrist allowing them to add, increase, decrease or discontinue medications meant to bring comfort to the patient during their drug and alcohol detox period.

There are three immediate goals of detoxification:

  1. To provide a physically safe withdrawal from the drug or alcohol and enable the patient to become drug or alcohol free
  2. To provide withdrawal that allows the patient to maintain their dignity
  3. To prepare the patient for rehab and living a life free from the influence of substance

While going through our drug and alcohol detox program, patients are given an introduction to the 12-step addiction model in group therapy. Patients also participate in recreation therapy, and meet with a psychiatrist and a medical doctor daily. We also offer family therapy sessions when needed.

It is important to remember that recovery does not end when treatment ends. The Pride Institute offers free alumni services that include support groups.

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Treatment Programs
Substance abuse and mental health treatment at Pride Institute is provided in an environment that is highly affirmative to the LGBT community. Mental health treatment services are offered using a cognitive behavioral platform that allows us to help you make changes to both your thoughts and your behaviors.